The Polish Government has admitted that it failed to adequately investigate abuse against a man with intellectual disabilities. The case highlights discrimination against testimony provided by people with disabilities.
A major judgment from the Constitutional Court of Moldova rules that denying access to justice for people under guardianship violates the Constitution. MDAC submitted an amicus in the case which will directly benefit 4,000 people with disabilities in the country.
UN Human Rights Committee tells Slovakia to abolish cage beds and restraints in psychiatric institutions and speed up inclusion in the community for people with disabilities.
Today in Bălți, Moldova, a psychiatrist was found guilty of several counts of rape that he committed during the course of a decade against 16 women under his care in a 400-bed social care institution.
Russia has today accepted responsibility for inhuman and degrading treatment against MDAC client Mr. Rafael Usmanov who was detained at a secure psychiatric facility in St Petersburg for almost a decade.
Today, the European Court of Human Rights found that 55-year-old Jaroslav Červenka from the Czech Republic was deceived and wrongfully held in a social care institution for eight months in a judgment that could have ramifications for 28,000 people with disabilities in the country.

Yesterday a man called Imdad Ali, a former electrician in Pakistan, was due to be executed. According to the NGO Reprieve, he has a “mental illness”, and thanks to their campaigning, the authorities have temporarily delayed his hanging. He has an appeal hearing on September 27th.

A coalition of Hungarian NGOs have urged Europe's human rights watchdog - the Council of Europe - to reject the Hungarian Government's nominations for judge vacancy at the European Court of Human Rights.
MDAC helps 22-year-old David from Czech Republic win court case in a ruling which thousands of people with disabilities in the country can benefit from.
Poland's Constitutional Court hands down landmark decision which should change the law for an estimated 12,500 people under guardianship living in institutions.


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