18 February 2013, Budapest. Today, civil society organisations and experts from the field of disability rights sent a submission (available only in Hungarian) to the President of Hungary asking him not to sign the new Civil Code into law but send it to the Constitutional Court for constitutional review.
14 February 2013. Joint statement by Inclusion Europe, Inclusion International and the Mental Disability Advocacy Center.
23 January 2013. In a judgment issued yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights found that Russia violated the right of a man who was prohibited from marrying the woman he loved. MDAC represented the applicant in the Lashin v. Russia case, which is the first to address the right to marry by persons with psycho-social disabilities. For the first time the Court recognized that a blanket ban on the right to marry for persons under guardianship is incompatible with the European Convention.
8 January 2012, Budapest. The Slovak Constitutional Court issued a decision on 28 November 2012 finding violations of the rights of a person with a psycho-social disability who was deprived of legal capacity in the first case brought by MDAC before Slovakian courts.
14 December 2012. Today the Croatian parliament added 16,355 adults to the electoral register. These people are all under guardianship, a legal regime which, until today, had excluded them from their right to political participation
5 December 2012. Last week the Latvian parliament adopted a new law which abolishes plenary guardianship. This means that the 2,334 people in Latvia who are currently prohibited from taking any decisions about their lives, will have to be reviewed, and it is MDAC’s hope that many of them will have restrictions lifted so that they can make their own decisions.
4 December 2012. Today the US Senate voted no to ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 61 senators voted in favour, and 38 against, but that was less than a two-thirds majority which was needed. The successful campaign peddled lies about the CRPD's impact on abortion, home-schooling, and the role of 'UN bureaucrats'.
22 November 2012, Brno and Budapest. The European Court finds string of human rights violations in Sýkora v. Czech Republic.
17 November 2012, Budapest. In its judgment of 8 November 2012 in the case of ZH v. Hungary, the European Court of Human Rights has clarified that countries need to “undertake reasonable steps to prevent situations likely to result in inhuman and degrading treatment” when detaining people with intellectual disabilities.
15 November 2012, Prague. As regards the rights of persons with disabilities, the Commissioner stresses the need to overhaul and transform psychiatric care in the Czech Republic. “Promoting de-institutionalisation, fully protecting persons with disabilities from involuntary hospitalisation, and eliminating ill-treatment of persons deprived of their liberty are priority tasks”.


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